Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We knew it would get crazy, it just has: Cats and Cards fans tangle at dialysis center

Fight breaks out at dialysis center between UK and U of L fans

from The Courier-Journal

Police had to be called to Georgetown, Ky., dialysis clinic after a fight broke between two patients over Saturday’s Final Four match up between the University of Kentucky and University of Louisville basketball teams.

According to www.WKYT.com, officers were called to the Georgetown Dialysis Clinic after a Louisville fan who was waiting to be hooked up to a machine, struck a Kentucky fan who was already receiving treatment.

"He just happened to think U of L would beat UK and he started to run his mouth," dialysis patient Ed Wilson, a self-proclaimed die hard UK fan, told WKYT-TV. "That's what started it."

Charles Taylor, who admitted to hitting Wilson, said was waiting to get hooked up to a machine and "didn't talk to him (Wilson) about the ball game; I was talking to another guy about the game. He was meddling. And told me to shut up and gave me the finger."

That’s when Taylor told WKYT that he decided to get physical with Wilson.

"I wasn't gonna take no more from him," he said. "I went up to him and I hit him. Didn't hit him that hard, but I hit him."

By the time police arrived, the fight was over.

"I'm sorry it even happened," Wilson said. "Hopefully, he won't come at the same time as me anymore."

Georgetown Police say their case is now closed and they investigated it as harassment.

Wilson says he's not filing charges against Taylor, but he does hope the Cats win.

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