Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hero mom from Henryville, IN tosses first pitch in UK-UofL baseball game

"How was my pitch?" Decker playfully asked her son, Dominic. 'Was I a little outside, inside?

"Low!" smiled Dominic.

Stephanie might be without her legs but never lost her spirit. She used to be a softball pitcher but has never taken a mound like this. And yet, she was nervous for a different reason.

"It's nerves and adrenaline," said Decker. "Sports has always been a part of my life, and if you didn't get the butterflies before you went out to a game, then I don't think you cared enough about the game ... It's an awesome feeling to see a lot of people that care and not just about me but others in our town that have really suffered."

Stephanie will have what she hopes is her last surgery Wednesday at University hospital. She will then get her prosthetic legs and hopes to be walking in a matter of weeks.

To see what fans and others said about Decker as well as to see her pitch, click here



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