Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Stork Funny

When my granddaughter, Ann, was 9-years-old, she was given an assignment by
her teacher to write a story on "Where my family came from." The purpose was
to understand your genealogy.

I was not aware of her assignment when she asked me at the dining room table
one night, "Grandma, where did I come from?"

I responded quite nervously because my son and daughter-in-law were out of
town and I was stalling until they returned home, "Well, honey, the stork
brought you."

"Where did Mom come from then?"
"The stork brought her, too."
"OK, then where did you come from?"
"The stork brought me too, dear."
"Okay, thanks, Grandma."

I did not think anything more about it until two days later when I was
cleaning Ann's room and read the first sentence of her paper, "For three
generations there have been no natural births in our family."


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