Monday, November 5, 2012

Ice Fishing Funny


This guy decides to go ice fishing. He collects his gear, goes out onto the ice, pulls out an auger and starts drilling.

LOUD VOICE FROM ABOVE: "There are no fish there."

So the guy goes to another spot and starts to drill.

LOUD VOICE FROM ABOVE: "There's no fish there, either."

Undaunted, the guy tries a third spot.

LOUD VOICE FROM ABOVE: "Nope. Not there either."

The guy is getting a little nervous. He looks up and calls out: "Are you God?

LOUD VOICE FROM ABOVE: "No. I'm the arena manager."

[forwarded by Gretchen Patti]


Thanks to Funnies reader Melinda who pointed out that Friday's Garbage "Funny" was written by David Pollay:


Did you ever want to call a maternity ward and ask if they deliver?


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