Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just in case, you needed another reason to hate cancer

I just wanted to share this terrible story that I just read at Mail Online about a young mother in England diagnosed with cancer one day who died the next. God rest her soul. 

A young mother died so soon after being diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer that she never got to say a final goodbye to her children.
Kirsty Allen, 29, who had never smoked, passed away with her mother at her bedside before  doctors were able to start chemotherapy treatment.
The part-time office administrator, who had two children, Ebony, six, and two-year-old Adam, was admitted to hospital with breathing problems but was told the cancer was so advanced it had spread to her spleen, liver and neck glands.
‘She never smoked in her life, she never touched them,’ said her mother Wendy, 49.

‘She was so healthy and went to the gym and liked keeping fit.

‘They say it was probably because her hormones were at their peak that the cancer happened so quickly.

‘She was a beautiful person both inside and out and she will live on in her children.’

Miss Allen, of Annfield Plain, County Durham, began suffering from headaches and eye problems about six weeks ago.
A routine blood test revealed abnormalities in her liver enzymes and bones and she was referred to the University Hospital of North Durham for further tests.
She was sent to a lung specialist and admitted for treatment when her breathing deteriorated.
Ms Allen didn't even have chance to say goodbye to her children, dying just a day after the shocking diagnosis
The young mother was allowed home over Easter but returned to hospital when she continued to struggle to breathe.
On Wednesday last week she was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and died the following day before she could say goodbye to Ebony and Adam.
Her mother added: ‘The doctors said they had never seen anything so aggressive. It happened so suddenly.
‘She was diagnosed on the Wednesday and on the Thursday she died. Kirsty lived for her children. She wanted to get through the chemo so she could last another ten years. Adam is only two and she thought if only she could get him up to 12. But she died the next day.
Please pray for Kirsty's two children, Ebony and Adam, and be sure to hug your kids or grandkids after you read the story.

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