Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pitino Names Horse For Luke Hancock

Final Four MOP Luke Hancock has joined Russ Smith, Gorgui Deng and Peyton Siva as a Louisville player with an extra special place in coach Rick Pitino’s heart, for he too now has a Pitino-owned horse named after him.

“Three Point Luke is the name of the new horse we just bought,” Pitino explained during a Monday press conference with reporters in advance of Saturday’s Kentucky Derby, in which a horse he co-owns (Santa Anita Derby winner Goldencents) will run. “I actually didn’t name it. [Trainer] Dennis O’Neill named it.”

Among the four Pitino-owned horses named for players — Russdiculous (Smith), Gorgui (Deng), Siva (Siva) and Three Point Luke (Hancock) — Hancock can definitely lay claim to the best name. Or at least one that sounds most like a horse.


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