Saturday, May 25, 2013

Zach Sobiech: "You don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living"

Who is Zach Sobiech? Maybe you heard his story already. But I felt compelled to share it after reading about Zach's death over on eyes peeled,always

His doctors had given Zach a year to live, and he made the decision that he wanted to spend that time with the people that he loved, at home, doing what he loved, which was songwriting and music. His song, “Clouds,” is a bit of a farewell, written knowing that the time he had left was short. Though what he sings about is tragically sad, its upbeat tone and positive lyrical spin demonstrate his zest and appreciation for life, as well as his peace with his impending death.

For anyone to reach that awareness is a beautiful gift, for it to happen for such a young man, even more so. His music video for "Clouds" went viral and a tribute was made back to him with several celebrities who were moved by his story and were filmed singing his song. This humble young man made it known that the solution to happiness really is so simple.

This evening I watched a documentary about him,"My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech," Actor/comedian Rainn Wilson was moved by Zach’s story, and created the short documentary about Zach on his YouTube channel, SoulPancake.

It is more than worth the 22-minute watch. Settle in and your life will be changed. Listen to what he has to say. It is hard to watch the video because many of us are able to relate to it on many different levels. He is gone far too young. But it also a joy to watch because he lived such a full life that he could be proud of, and at peace with, in spite of dying from disease. As they say at the end of the film, he touched so many lives not because he was dying, but because of the way he lived. That is beautiful lesson and something we all should aspire to every day.

After battling osteosarcoma from the age of 14. Tragically, Zach succumbed to cancer this week on May 20, 2013 at the age of 18. His hope: “I wanna be remembered as a kid who went down fighting – I didn’t really lose.”

Zach's funeral was held on Thursday, May 23, and hundreds gathered to celebrate his life.. His memory, and mission to help find a cure for childhood cancer, lives on through his inspirational song, "Clouds." According to the Minnesota newspaper Pioneer Press, 1,200 people attended Sobiech's funeral at the Church of St. Michael in Stillwater, Minn. Outside, the church was decorated with balloons that had Sobiech's "up, up, up" lyrics written on the front

The Sobiech family started the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund to support research of this rare disease.

Zach touched the hearts of millions and spread joy wherever he went. Through his music, his actions and his simple words, he’s is leaving the world a powerful, resounding message:

“You don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living.”

SoulPancake created a celebrity music video , featuring stars Bryan Cranston, Sarah Silverman, Jenna Elfman, Jason Mraz and Ashley Tisdale, all singing along to Zach's song "Clouds".

Thanks for the song and your spirit, Zach.

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