Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jill's Story: The Light That Shines

From Jilly Beans Barking Bones

Jill Brzezinski Conley was diagnosed with breast cancer one day before her 32nd birthday in July of 2009. Her journey began with the most progressive form of treatment available. Contrary to what most think, the younger one is, the more aggressive breast cancer can be. Jill was a newlywed, only married 7 months, and had just moved to Louisville, Kentucky from Las Vegas, Nevada to be with the love of her life, Barton.

After 16 rounds of grueling chemo, 33 radiation treatments, a double mastectomy, and several surgeries to remove a severely infected implant, she kept her wit, compelling determination with no room for self pity, while frequently making light of her serious condition. All the while her devoted dog, Honeybear, kept close with a watchful eye while she was home recovering.

After 2 1/2 years of treatment and a short remission, in January of 2012 the “beast was back.” The cancer had now taken residence in her bones, settling in behind her rib cage. A new regimen of treatment began, but Jill accepted the recurrence with compelling strength, in order to overcome the pain and sorrowful thoughts that accompany metastatic cancer. She spent endless days comforted by both Honeybear and Hope, her rescued cat, along with her thoughts about how she could make lemons out of lemonade. Jill did not want to be dying with cancer, but rather living with cancer. Her aching “bones” had a purpose!

Jill grew up in Michigan with strong work ethics and had worked since the age of 16. Because of her ongoing treatment she reluctantly had to leave her job as a leasing consultant and soon became bored and restless staying home. She decided she not only needed to bring in some extra money to help with the mounting medical bills, but also to promote a message about the importance of dog therapy during illness. Thus, Jillybean’s Barking Bones was born!

Jillybean’s Barking Bones, Dog Treats with a Purpose
Distributed from Louisville, Kentucky, Jillybean’s Barking Bones are all natural dog treats made with an extra helping of love! There are no additives or preservatives – only pure, healthy, natural ingredients. Because of Jill’s commitment to helping others, a portion of all Barking Bones Dog Treats sales are donated to the Good Dog Foundation, a charitable organization that provides therapy dog services to people in health care, social service, educational and community facilities, as well as at disaster sites around the country.

Jill’s Wish
Jill understands the burden of dealing with cancer and the toll it can take on patients and their families. That is why she has started Jill’s Wish. The mission of Jill’s Wish is to help minimize the financial struggle for cancer patients and their families, allowing them the resources and peace of mind to focus on recovery.

Location:Louisville, KY USA

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