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Better Days . . .
by Deacon Stephen Bowling 

I hope you won't think me too weird here, but I have a silly little ritual I always perform every New Year's Eve. 

It's something that forces me to look both backwards and forwards at the same time and spiritually reflect upon my life, and just how well I am fulfilling God's plan - or not, as the case may be.

On New Year's Eve, sometime before the ball drops at midnight, I go off to a quiet place and I play the song Better Days by the Goo-Goo Dolls, several times, over and over. 

I am mesmerized by those words from the song that say, "Tonight's the night the world begins again." It reminds me that once again, we get another new start, or maybe a fresh perspective, or at least a renewed way of "doing better" in the coming year.

"Better" is really the operative word here . . . hence my love of the song.
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Teaching Our Children The Sanctity Of Life
by Martine Bacci-Siegel 
As we prepare to celebrate Sanctity of Life Sunday on January 22 now might be a good time to find ways to talk with your children about the sanctity of life. Here are some helpful ideas to get you started.
  • For pre-school children
Using bubble solution, blow bubbles into the air while encouraging your children to clap them, pinch them or catch them in their hands. Ask how the bubbles feel against their skin. Ask what is inside the bubbles. Air? No, breath. Let them take a turn blowing the bubbles. Now share this truth: Just as we can fill a bubble with our breath, that's how God filled man with his breath when he created us. Since it is easy for a bubble to pop or burst, it must be treated with care. In the same way, human life is fragile and must be protected because it is so valuable.
For older kids, conversation is a great starting point. Here are some excellent ideas for starters:
  • For "tween age" kids (between 8 and 12)
How do you know if something is alive?   Where does life come from? What is the difference between human and animal life?
  • For teenagers
Do not let culture be the one to shape your teens concept of "Who am I?" Make sure your teen knows that their human dignity is inherent, not earned. This may one day mean the difference between life and death. What does sacred mean? What gives your life value?

Having conversations now will pay dividends for both you and your children in the future! 
Beginning Anew . . .
by Michelle Herberger

If you have had an abortion or love someone who has, the following message is for you . . .

Perhaps you thought you had no choice.

No matter how you looked at your pregnancy, it seemed impossible to continue.

After the abortion, there may have been some regret, even sadness. You remind yourself, though, that you did the only thing you could do  under the circumstances.

However, time has passed and the nagging pain deepens.

Perhaps no one knows you've had an abortion and you feel as though you are locked into this pain forever. Please know there is help. There is hope. There is healing.

Project Rachel is a ministry to those who have experienced abortion. It is one-to-one, non-judgmental, and confidential. It helps you to fully realize that you need healing. It helps you to truly acknowledge your abortion and the fact that you did indeed experience it. It is a safe place where you can allow yourself to grieve. God's forgiveness is yours and Project Rachel can help you to accept that loving forgiveness.

Maybe you blame others for your abortion and are stuck in a pattern of blame. However, many times the most difficult person to forgive is you. You may sense God's forgiveness, but simply cannot forgive yourself.

Project Rachel can help you to forgive others and yourself in order to experience healing. It's possible that you have grieved silently for a long time. This ministry is one where you can talk about the child you have mourned and perhaps name and memorialize him/her.

Finally, Project Rachel seeks to help restore your hope. Your life is precious in the sight of God and you can know joy again.

Let this New Year be the beginning of a new you. Your life is precious in the sight of God and you can know joy again.

Please call the Family Ministries Office to speak confidentially to someone at (502) 471-2149) or Project Rachel (502) 471-2155/
Sharing Testimonies About the Sanctity Of Life
by Ed Harpring

Wounded Women & Men share their Pro-Life Testimonies at the Annual March for Life as
Hundreds from Archdiocese of Louisville prepare for the pilgrimage!

 "Roe v. Wade made it too easy for me to make the fateful and fatal decision to abort my child. The doctor advised that the procedure would hurt no more than 'having a tooth removed,' However, the procedures damaged my cervix and forced her to miscarry another baby months later. The physical toll on her body and the emotional strain of the abortions led to the demise of my first marriage."
 - Dr. Alveda King - niece of Dr. Martin Luther King

Today, King is a proud mother of six and grandmother of six. As a Christian pro-life leader, she works with Priests for Life and Silent No More to stop abortion. Following in her uncle's footsteps, she is fighting for the rights of the voiceless and inspiring students to do the same.

Despite the tragic results of legalizing abortion on demand (over 60 million children's lives lost) many courageous women and men speak about their abortion experiences in an effort to keep others from making the mistake and to affirm the sanctity of Life. . . .

March For Life Events - both LOCAL and NATIONAL!  

It's not too late to join with hundreds of local pilgrims from the Archdiocese of Louisville for the 45th annual March for Life on January 19 in Washington DC or to participate in events here in the Louisville area!

Check out our list of events HERE for more information on how you can help stand up for the cause of LIFE this new year!

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